Mobile/Tablet Application


E-Soft Mobile/Tablet Application

Manage your customer and stock away from your office with a flexible and efficient way by automating various functions of your business.

The Features

  • The program is written for Android devices giving unlimited options in tablets, mobiles barcode scanners and printers.
  • Connection with barcode scanners and printers or any android supported devices.
  • Recording of Orders, Invoices, Receipts, Stock Take and Transfers through simple screens.
  • Detailed presentation of accounts such as balances, ageing analysis, last visit date, Credit Limit and more.
  • Detailed presentation of products such as stock balances, per store, cost and selling prices.
  • Possibility of creating predefined orders (templates) for quick entry.
  • Option to copy previous order / invoice.
  • Group customers based on visit sequence.
  • Recording the reason of not visiting customer.
  • Sending the order / invoice / receipt on a variety of Bluetooth printers.
  • Analytically reporting based on customer, day and visit.
  • All the access permissions of the user are defined in the e-soft ERP.
  • Synchronize with e-soft ERP when internet connection is available.