Our software solutions are written in Microsoft’s VB.NET language and developed using Microsoft Visual studio.Furthermore, our mobile/tablet app is written in Java.

Our solutions run on Microsoft Windows (Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11). The Tablet/Mobile suite applications run on Android.

We have more than 3000 companies that are currently using E-Soft from all the sectors and industries. E-Soft is fully parameterised and very flexible to accommodate all your needs.

Before the beginning of the implementation phase,we ask our new clients a variety of questions in order to help them with the implementation of our software based on their company’s requirements.As for the training costs, based on their previous experience,we identify the time we need to train them to fully use our solutions.Therefore,the implementation and training costs will be affected by the complexity of the business and how much experience the users already have(either if they already used our solutions or used any similar ones on the market)

Usually it takes few days. We have an exceptional experienced support team that guarantee the smooth transfer to our programs.The last four year more than 1500 companies move to our systems without facing and serious problem.

If your data can be exported to an excel, text or any kind of database file,we will be able to transfer them. We developed several utility programs that helps us extracting all the data from the most well known packages that exist in the market.

Please do. We can provide you with a list of our customers that are familiar with your business and feel free to contact them.

Our support team will be contact you and they will update you remotely (mostly via Team Viewer)

Our software solutions are very flexible based on the client’s needs! They can be installed locally on a client PC or can be installed on a cloud server in order to allow a remote access from anywhere in the world.

Yes of course! They can installed locally on a PC/Laptop. Furthermore, we have the option to install our software solutions on a cloud server in order to allow remote access – the user can access the programs from anywhere in the world.

Yes, we have developed an API (Application Programming Interface) for our software solutions, which can be be used to fully connect to third party systems and/or websites (e.g. eshops etc.).



Yes, of course! Our solutions can run on a MAC PC by using a virtual machine like VMware Fusion or Parallels – where they allow your MAC to run Windows OS inside macOS. They are very easy to install and configure.