CloudFin Web System


CloudFin Web System


E-soft presents CloudFin Automated Accounting. CloudFin is a web-based application that can process scanned documents in PDF, such as Purchase and Sales invoices as well as bank statements. By using sophisticated OCR (Optical Character Recognition) the information on the documents is successfully read, validated and saved as text ready for processing.
Using an intelligent API, the E-Soft accounting software automatically connects to CloudFin and imports the processed documents as saved transactions, by doing the double entry as well. The interface can also be done with the E-Soft Stock software to import for example purchase invoices by item line recognizing item codes and filling quantity, price, amount, discount and vat amount information.
CloudFin is a Cyprus based company with cutting-edge technology in web-based development and finance automation software. Major projects in Greece are PWC and Mazars. Intracom is among others, partner of CloudFin in Greece.

CloudFin Value Proposition

  • Automates data-entry process of any vendor document without training.
  • Stand-alone finance suite or complimentary to any existing band-end system.
  • FinBot is your personal assistant chatbot, automating your business (data-entry, reporting and approval workflows)

Automated document capture with advanced Al

Stand-alone or complimentary to any existing back-end system

FinBot your personal assistant on the go

CloudFin User Flow

  • Step 1:  CloudFin interprets the document.
  • Step 2:  Validates document completion.
  • Step 3:  If the document is incomplete asks for user assistance.
  • Step 4: Sends the document to the company Back-End system (ERP).

CloudFin Advantages

  • Automated Invoice Data Capture – CloudFin True Capture, fully automates vendor document data-entry including products, quantities, prices etc from a singe picture or scan without any document training.
  • FinBot – All functionality is available through our Chatbot Engie allowing users to interact with the system in human language without the need of multiple apps.
  • User Experience – ClouFin is designed to maximize user productivity through an amazing interface and minimum input effort.
  • Built-In Connectors – Use ClouFin as stand-alone or connect it to your existing ERP system with our built-in ERP connectors.

CloudFin Product Options

CloudFin Enterprise

Automated data capture and process automation connected to your existing ERP.

CloudFin SOHO

SOHO Finance suite with advanced data capture.

CloudFin Engine

Full integration with any system through cutting-edge API’s.

Problems on Business & Administrative Process that CloudFin Solves

  • Globalization has massively increased supplier dispersions.
  • 99% of all businesses in EU and US are SMEs.
  • 70% of every-day workload goes into transaction data-entry and follow-up.
  • Large number of small amount transactions from different suppliers.
  • Remote Operations add overhead and costs to accounting processes.